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Some of you may have started with us when we were known as ‘Nurtured By Love’. We have since changed our name to ‘Nurture With Love’.


“Why the change of name?”


Dr Suzuki’s life journey as narrated in his book, Nurtured by Love, was a culmination of his rich teaching experience driven by a love for children over a period of more than 50 years. His life and writings have inspired us in no small way to start our own adventure.


By working closely with parents, we create a learning environment that positions each child for success in developmentally appropriate steps, nurtures every young child's innate ability to observe, absorb and learn from the positive examples around them and celebrates their child’s progress and success.


In carefully selecting the name, 'Nurture With Love', we strongly believe that it more accurately describes our exciting journey together with parents and children in building a lifelong love of learning and equipping the child with the basic building blocks to success.


Our hope and our prayers are that our young learners, will one day look back from various stages and heights of life and declare that they have been Nurtured by Love because their parents worked hand-in-hand with us to Nurture With Love. 


A lofty dream? Not so.


As Dr Suzuki put so aptly,


"Where Love is deep, much can be accomplished."



Nurture With Love

Suzuki Music School




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